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Tropical Sport Superfoods

Tropical Sport is packed full of ingredients that both hydrate and support the immune system. Formulated as a sports drink electrolyte replacement, the ingredients in the tropical sport have high amounts of absorbable Vitamin C to keep you and your kids hydrated and healthy without added sugar or artificial ingredients.

 Light Refreshing Orange Flavour

Nature's Daily Vitamins

Hydrating Electrolytes

Immune Boosting Vitamin C

Ingredients Support Immune Health & Hydration 

Suggested use  Kids 2 and up, take 1-2 sachets daily. Mix 1 sachet of superfoods into 200ml of water, yoghurt, milk or a smoothie. 
Whole-food ingredients with nothing artificial; some clumping may occur, please mix well. Store in a cool dry place.

Pure Honest Ingredients: organic coconut water, organic aloe vera juice, organic orange, organic camu camu, organic lemon, organic amla, organic natural orange flavour, silica, monk fruit, organic stevia, organic turmeric

At June Superfoods we know kids can be choosy. If you and your kids aren't happy, please contact us and send back the product for a full product refund.