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  • getting kids to eat more fruit and veg

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  • Our kids all loved them, especially Berry Focussed. Whilst we love the convenience of popping them into their drink bottle or smoothie, they’re equally as good as supplements in your favourite ice block and bliss ball recipes!

    One Fine Baby

  • "Cruzie is absolutely loving these June Superfood Sachets. He only ever drinks water, hates anything else but seems to love these in his cup. I am in love with the ingredients too and it's certified organic. "

    Alice Bingham

  • "I like that it's quick and easy to make! The kids like the taste and I know it's good for them. Would recommend this to other mums too." 

    Ange Court

  • "My daughter absolutely loves June Superfoods. She is two and a half and is already on the right track with health thanks to forward thinking people like you."

    Victoria Dunham

  • "June Superfoods sachets have been amazing to add to my kids smoothies, ice-blocks and water. Not only have they been amazing in adding extra nutrients (which they needed this winter) but they taste delicious and are easy to take with you. The portion sizes are also great. Thank you again for making a family friendly product that the whole family can enjoy."

    Tanya Harper

  • "My girls guzzle their June Superfoods and always ask for more. They love it! I love that it is organic, Australian and super easy! It tastes delicious and comes in 3 tasty flavours. Mix with milk or water or add to your own juice for a little extra goodness. My girls are fussy but they love their June."