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The Secret to Optimal Health

by Kristin Derrin March 26, 2019

The Secret to Optimal Health

How do we set ourselves and our kids up for optimal health? Well like everything in nutrition it's simple. Eat organic/spray-free veggies and fruits straight from the garden. No need to wash, naturally occurring 'biotics' on the produce are what help our bodies create and efficiently utilize nutrients from our foods. 

Our bodies are amazing, and kids, who have a pure system that isn't bogged down from toxins and years of eating chemicals can easy assimilate all of the nutrients they take in. So why add anything you ask; well eventually without these 'essential biotics' kids will make less and less B12 which will make it harder to absorb and efficiently utilize the nutrients necessary for optimal growth and development. 

Plant your own organic veggie garden

Unfortunately, with our standard diet and so much packaged food free from nutrients and loaded with additives, kids are getting less and less naturally occurring enzymes, biotics, and minerals found in our gardens. If you have the space and living environment, one of the best things you can do is grow a small organic garden. Let your kids help out and let them watch it all grow. Remember, keep it organic. Check that your soil is certified organic and use organic pest methods. 

By implementing more fresh organic produce into your diets it allows your ileum to continue to produce Vitamin B12 naturally. The ileum sits at the end of our small intestines and creates B12 from 'elevated biotics.' These 'biotics' are replenished from unwashed organic produce.  

Are you Vitamin B12 Deficient? 

Vitamin B12 is essential for utilizing nutrients effectively in our bodies. Many people are B12 deficient, which leads to a host of problems; fatigue, depression, dementia, pale skin, pins and needles, mobility issues, and lack of nutrient absorption. Unfortunately, we don’t always get 'biotics,' partly because we wash everything (which we should if not organic) or we don’t have access to fresh organic unwashed produce.

Probiotics are a great addition, especially after antibiotics, or to boost immunity or settle an upset stomach. But an even easier way to make sure that you are getting the best gut health along with overall optimal and preventative health, simply eat unwashed fresh, raw organic produce. It's that easy. Start today you will be amazed at how your energy increases, brain fog lifts, it's like you can feel your body working correctly. 

If you have had years of toxins and find yourself with many ailments, I always recommend some sort of detox. Eat raw for a week, add in extra cleansing supplements, and support your liver with a gentle detox. Of course, always speak with your trusted health advisor before starting a detox, but think of it as spring cleaning with added biotics from the garden to create a healthy environment to feel great!

So if  you want to feel great and set your kids up for optimal health follow these easy steps: 

Easy steps for Optimal Health

Eat raw from an organic garden ~

To increase your biotics ~

Which will create more Vitamin B12 ~

B12 will increase nutrient absorption efficiently in your body ~

Which will increase energy ~

Increase Immunity ~ 

And help you and your family enjoy optimal health!!


Kristin Derrin
Kristin Derrin


Kristin Derrin is a certified nutritionist, health practitioner, mum and the founder of June Superfoods, a range of certified organic kids superfood supplements that contain natural fruit and vegetable nutrients to support kids growth and development naturally. Kristin created June Superfoods after noticing a gap in the market for high-quality organic health products for kids. This prompted her to create a product with the highest quality organic ingredients; no added sugars, fillers, or anything artificial.

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