Celebrate the Wins

by Kristin Derrin June 28, 2018

Celebrate the Wins

In life no matter what your circumstances, celebrating the daily wins keeps the focus on what is going right instead of what is going wrong. I started June Superfoods one year ago last June. There have been ups and downs like any business. Considering I was 5 months pregnant when I launched June, one very big up is the birth of my son. Now with 2 kids under 3, there are definite challenges, and like most parents can relate, we have to just let those tough days go. Same goes for business, behind every challenging day is an equally exciting and successful day. I embrace the challenges and celebrate the wins every day. 

5 ways I have created more Celebrations in my Business: 

I Got a Coach

I got a business coach and she actually gave me this idea. Every session she asks, what are we celebrating this week? I love it! Like a gratitude journal at night, daily celebrations are just as effective. Every night at dinner my husband and I toast to our daily celebrations. Whether it's landing a national distributor, negotiating a deal in Hong Kong, or getting both kids to bed by 7 pm, we are celebrating baby!!

I Focus on what I want

This one is huge. It is easy to focus on what we don't want when we are uncertain. This definitely comes with parenting as well as business. Earlier this year I started focusing on educating people worldwide on kids nutrition. I created educational material, spoke to people about wanting to educate, then in May I got the opportunity to speak to a group of Chinese buyers in Sydney. They live streamed my speech back to Mainland China reaching over 200,000 people. I did it, at least I started, and now I am focusing even more on how I can continue to make a worldwide difference. 

I Created a Morning Routine

I talk about this one a lot, probably because with a new baby I find I don't always stick to it. The days I miss it I definitely feel off with less energy. I love ticking off a to-do list, so I created a super simple morning routine; Drink a big glass of water, Take 5 big breaths, and make the bed. Celebrate! Once these are finished I have the momentum to tackle my real morning routine; exercise, mediation, cold shower, juice. For every accomplishment during your day, take a moment to celebrate. 

I Connect

This one has moved me along the fastest in business. Getting a group of business owners that you can collaborate with, ask questions, and talk to when you need advice or a pick me up is essential. Just like speaking to other moms about how to get their kids to sleep, having a support group is a must. The contacts and opportunities that have been presented with these relationships have moved us forward easily 3 years. I recommend reaching out to anyone and saying hello, no matter how big another business is they can always learn something from you. For every connection, celebrate, and before long you will be celebrating their successes as well as your own. 

I Contact 5 people a day

This one is from my coach, I now reach out either by phone, in person or by email to at least 5 people a day. Retailers, distributors, influencers, anyone that can move my business forward. For each one that replies, you guessed it, I celebrate! It's a lot of work, but in one week we received 4 new accounts, spoke to 2 potential investors in the US and are in negotiations with a Taiwan distributor. With action comes results! 


So celebrate every day, even the smallest accomplishments. Challenge yourself and even celebrate the mistakes and failures as a chance to learn and pivot. I would love for you to try this for the next 7 days. Every night at dinner or before bed think of 3 things worth celebrating that day. Let me know how it goes in the comments below.  


Kristin Derrin
Kristin Derrin


Kristin Derrin is a certified nutritionist, health practitioner, mum and the founder of June Superfoods, a range of certified organic kids superfood supplements that contain natural fruit and vegetable nutrients to support kids growth and development naturally. Kristin created June Superfoods after noticing a gap in the market for high-quality organic health products for kids. This prompted her to create a product with the highest quality organic ingredients; no added sugars, fillers, or anything artificial.

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