How to get more time with Amazon Echo

by Luke Derrin June 03, 2018

How to get more time with Amazon Echo

I would have to say managing time has been the biggest challenge since becoming a father. Sometimes I feel like I'm on 'The Amazing Race,' rushing here rushing there and it never feels that there is enough time in the day. Any tool I can use to help me spend more time doing the things I love, I am willing to embrace.

I recently purchased an Amazon echo dot for our home. The idea, have an assistant to help take care and manage our time more effectively. This little inexpensive device helps us save time by setting alarms, reminders, taking notes, creating shopping lists, retrieving information, it even tells you a Dad joke every now and then.

Of course, I could do all of these on my phone, but by the time I have found my phone, opened up the notes, then tried to remember what I was thinking, it's gone. With Echo, I can stay in the moment and just say what is on my mind so I can look at it later when I'm sitting down with my phone or computer.

Amazon Echo allows us to set alarms, take notes, check our calendar and tell jokes while you are holding your child, washing the dishes and cooking dinner all at once. The thought of reaching for my phone and then setting a timer seems so ancient.

Although there are lots of things we wish the Amazon Echo could do or do better, it is a matter of time before it can do most computer tasks. Voice communication is going to be the primary way we connect with technology in the near future, and the idea of this is exciting to me.

I would recommend anyone to try this little machine. I have had a few friends comment "I don't like someone listening to me all the time, what about my privacy." Hey, I get it, and I thought this at first until I realised that your phone and computer are already listening to your conversations... yikes! So don't be concerned because your phone has been listing to you for years.

Luke Derrin
Luke Derrin


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