How Super Mum Victoria Dunham keeps her kids happy and healthy

by Victoria Dunham August 21, 2018

How Super Mum Victoria Dunham keeps her kids happy and healthy

Guest Blog from Wellness Expert Victoria Dunham

As a parent, there is nothing worse than having an unwell child. We know what it feels like to be sick and it sucks, so watching your children suffer literally tears your heart out. We have an overwhelming responsibility to do everything we can to keep our kids well, and most of us feel we are doing an okay job.


Two years ago I discovered an amazing tool that we now use daily to support our health and well-being; Essential oils. We have all been exposed to the hype surrounding these oils, every second person is raving about how amazing they are, and I’m sure you are wondering why? It’s because they work. 


"We are doing as much as we can to limit the exposure to toxic chemicals, synthetics and unwanted antibiotics."


I’m no scientist, nor am I a naturopath, aromatherapist, or medical advisor, I’m simply a mum that adores her children and wants them to be happy and healthy. We take some simple natural steps towards daily wellness and if the bugs do get us because let's face it, they’re relentless, we have a natural action plan and we are doing as much as we can to limit the exposure to toxic chemicals, synthetics and unwanted antibiotics.


Daily my children take a probiotic. We choose to use PONO probiotics. Probiotics assist in the build-up of our children's gut flora and strengthen their immune system.


We use essential oils to boost our little one’s immune systems too. We choose to use doTERRA because of their purity and sourcing ethics. ‘On Guard” is a blend of doTERRA Essential oils that have the power to protect our kids from seasonal threats, it is known as the “protection blend’. We use it daily on the bottom of our children's feet before we head off to our play dates or kinder.


If those pesky bugs do get us, we also incorporate eucalyptus, oregano, frankincense and the blend ‘easy air’ to support us to fight the bug, boost immunity, and clear any congestion.


Our diet isn’t perfect, although it’s a heck of a lot better than mine was growing up. Cordial was a staple in our home growing up, we would have glasses of it daily. Fruit juices, soft drinks and flavoured milk drinks were the norm growing up, our parents didn’t overload us, but the nutrition education wasn’t as out there back then and they didn’t know any different. These days I don’t even walk down that aisle in the supermarket let alone feed it to my kids.


We choose June superfoods as a daily drink for our kids. They drink bucketloads of water but for afternoon tea or when we are out for a treat we have June. I know my babes are receiving first-class nutrition from a game-changing creator that cared enough about our children's growth and development to make a change. My kids think it’s a treat, I know it’s good for them, like really good for them. It’s a parenting WIN!!


Our children open our eyes to so many possibilities, they make us see the world differently, if they’re in good health, they’re in good moods and if they’re in good moods they’re the most magical beings on the planet.


Victoria Dunham



Victoria Dunham
Victoria Dunham


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