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How to reduce pesticide Exposure by Choosing Organic

by Kristin Derrin August 01, 2017

How to reduce pesticide Exposure by Choosing Organic

The Environmental Working Group  sampled 48 conventional fruits and vegetables to check for pesticide residue levels in 2017. Here is 12 of the highest pesticide-laden fruits and veggies. Choose organic or opt for our DIY fruit and vegetable wash below to reduce pesticide exposure. 

EWG Dirty Dozen

Sweet Bell Peppers/Capsicum
Full List Here 

Natural DIY Veggie/fruit wash

Veggie wash (lettuce and greens)

2 tablespoons of salt in 2 cups of water and add the juice of one lemon. Spray on greens let sit for a minute then soak in a sink full of diluted vinegar water for 15 minutes. Rinse in cool water (salad spinner) dry completely and place in the refrigerator.

Fruit & Veggie with skin

Fill the sink with water add a cup of white vinegar and soak for 30 minutes to an hour. Scrub gently and rinse. Let dry completely then store in the refrigerator.

Berry wash (delicate fruits)

1/2 juice of one lemon with 2 cups of filtered water and spray on berries then soak for 15 minutes in fresh water. Dry then store in the refrigerator.

As an added bonus properly washing fruits and vegetables will keep the produce fresher longer.

Photo: @andreasalgadoo

Kristin Derrin
Kristin Derrin


Kristin Derrin is a certified nutritionist, health practitioner, mum and the founder of June Superfoods, a range of certified organic kids superfood supplements that contain natural fruit and vegetable nutrients to support kids growth and development naturally. Kristin created June Superfoods after noticing a gap in the market for high-quality organic health products for kids. This prompted her to create a product with the highest quality organic ingredients; no added sugars, fillers, or anything artificial.

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