Using Technology to optimize the day

by Luke Derrin July 22, 2018

Using Technology to optimize the day

What if you could make things run a little faster and smoother as a Dad? If you are like most people, you probably have your phone in your hand for a large chunk of the day. As much as I love this little device, it stresses me out. I don't blame the phone for this stress, it's more that I'm not using it effectively. Here are a few little tweaks and essential Apps that have made the phone easier to use and helped me gain extra time in my day.


Password Code

Disable the password code. How many times a day do you think you unlock your phone? Probably around 30-40 times a day, which adds up right? It also slows you down if you trying to check something quickly. Turning this little function off makes it so much easier to stay focused on what you are trying to do with the phone.

Calendar app

Using the calendar on my phone to its full potential has been a game changer. I sync it with my computer and share calendars with my wife. It allows us both to be looking at the same schedules and events. Setting dates, reminders and using invitations helps us stay structured through the week. Merely scheduling your date night, family events, meetings and birthdays help us stay on top of things. Now I have fewer chances of missing important events or meetings. It only takes 10 minutes once a week to set and review your schedule and use it to its full potential. 


Notes on iPhone

My wife and I share a to-do list on the apple note iPhone. We add stuff and check stuff off throughout the day. It helps us check in on where we are at with projects and errands. Simply glancing at the to-do note once a day helps us stay up to date with what’s going on at home and work. It helps speed up things when we get home, you don't have to recap everything you have done and double check tasks.

Turning off Notifications

I recently glanced at a friends phone, and he must have had 20 different notifications popping up on his phone. Early that day he was also complaining about social media and how invasive it is, ironic. Take control of what you choose to see and when. Certainly, you may need to look at some notifications that pop up, but surely that little red number next to the app is enough of an indication that there is something waiting for you.

Hide apps

Hide the apps that are draining the most amount of time and energy from your day. Do you ever open your phone to check something, like the time, then suddenly find yourself watching a surf video or reading a friends post about their dog on Instagram? Then ask yourself, "why am I here? Oh yeah, what time is it?" Okay, maybe I'm the only one, but either way Facebook and Instagram are distracting and it's easy to lose track of your priorities when you get lost in the constant entertainment of the feed. So to keep myself on task, I simply hide these apps in folders on my phone making it just that little more difficult to access. If you don't see the app you won't mindlessly click on it when you are looking at your phone.

The modern smartphone has made a significant impact on peoples lives, it is the remote control for our lives. Technology won't make you a perfect Dad, but it can help you stay a little more focused and in control during the crazy times. It may take a few minutes of getting used to new tech, but in the long run, you can gain more time doing the things you love.

Luke Derrin
Luke Derrin


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