Why cold showers are all the rage

by Luke Derrin September 15, 2018 1 Comment

Why cold showers are all the rage

Have you tried cold water therapy yet? There are a lot of people excited about taking cold showers for the health benefits, so it's time to break it down.

For some the idea of a cold shower, especially in the winter is crazy, but with the many benefits from a quick blast of cold water, you may start to rethink the slight discomfort you will endure. There are numerous studies out there explaining the benefits of cold showers, and the science is there to back it. Have a look at sports stars to see the benefits of cold. Whether it's an ice pack on a sore knee, cold plunge pools or even the most modern technology, Chrotherpy.

No need to turn off the hot water though, there are benefits from a warm shower as well. Here is one method to start incorporating the benefits of cold water therapy into your daily routine. Start the shower off nice and warm as usual. As you finish your shower, take a few deep breaths and turn that dial to cold. Just the act of turning that dial is powerful, making the decision to get out of your comfort zone. The longer you stay in the cold stream, the easier it will get. Try pushing past the ten-second mark. Try staying in for 5 exhales. Here are some research-backed benefits of cold water therapy. 

Relieves stress

Stress is such a common state of being in this day and age, we may not even know how stressed we actually are until we relax or get sick. Although a little stress at times can make your body more alert and able to tackle challenges it's not sustainable over the long term. Over time stress can lead to a whole host of problems from high blood pressure, skin condition, autoimmune disorders, sleep disorders, asthma, and chronic fatigue.

Why do cold showers decrease stress? Research has shown that exposing yourself to a cold therapy decreases the uric acid levels in your body. Lowering uric acid, in turn, helps your body regulate your stress response.

Increases Circulation and Overall Health

We’ve all seen sports stars taking ice bath‘s or using ice packs. The cold increases blood flow to aid in quicker recovery. Increasing circulation naturally decreases inflammation in the muscles and joints. Plus when the body is suddenly exposed to Coldwater, it forces blood to circulate around your organs rapidly. This type of circulation leads to the arteries being more effective therefore increasing overall heart strength and health.

Relieves feelings of depression

When your body is exposed to an impact of cold water, it sends electrons to the brain through cold receptors in your skin. This produces an antidepressant effect to keep you calm. This effect boosts mood, like a little pick me up without any harmful side effects. Blasting yourself with cold water will instantly change your state and make you feel great.

Increase alertness and energy levels

When your body is exposed to a sudden hit of cold water either through an ice bath or cold shower, it forces your body into a deep breathing response. This is your body trying to keep warm by increasing overall oxygen intake. The effects will increase the heart rate and send a rush of blood throughout your body. This will give you a boost of energy and focus throughout the day.


There are many other researched benefits out there proving the benefits of a cold shower. Simply turning the dial to cold and blasting your body for 10 seconds is all that you may need to give you that extra edge for the day.

Challenge yourself to start with 10 seconds or 5 exhales and see if you can up that 10 seconds every week until you reach a minute. Let me know how you go in the comments below! 

Luke Derrin
Luke Derrin


1 Response

Greg Chalmers
Greg Chalmers

January 17, 2019

Taking cold showers morning and night has been the most positive lifestyle change I have made in years. Totally recommend it.

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